There is no planning for a seminar in 2017 here in Germany !

Here some pictures of earlier seminars in Hannover and in Mondsee / Austria

Within seminar room of the hotel Mercure / Hannover in the years 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011

with using of  test possibilities in N- and G-gauge!

These seminars run especially for users of  a Digital System with or without experience and for customers of  Stellwerk easy, STW2001 or LGB MZS-PC to consulate and update the knowledge.

e.g. for 2 ½ days long a weekend digital seminar in Hannover .

Interested people as well as new customers using a digital system or changing from analog layout could update their knowledge of the main digital parts and the software products STELLWERK easy and STW2001.

At a seminar in Mondsee/Austra in “Lotus Lokstation“

Recovery during DigII-Seminar in Mondsee Mai 2005

with a LGB-tart, a small present of Mr. Lutz from his "Zugluft" Cafe Allersberg.