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Company Massoth Elektronik GmbH

LGB as part of company Märklin

Company Lenz Elektronik GmbH

Company Uhlenbrock Elektronik GmbH

Company Gebr. Fleischmann GmbH & Co KG

Company Tams Elektronik GmbH

Company Gebr. Märklin & Cie GmbH

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LokShop   -  A special model railroad shop in Internet, a treasury trove for everyone!

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Dissociation of content of linked sides.

With verdict of May 12th, 1998 the district court Hamburg has decided , one has to accept the responsibility for contents under circumstances of sides using linked sides in an own side .

This can, so the district court, only be prevented by one particularly dissociates himself from these contents. I have on my side links to other sides in Internet. This applies to all of them: As webmaster of this side I explain not to have any influence of lay-out and contents of link sides. Therefore I particularly dissociate myself from all contents of all linked sides from my home page and the undersides hereby and we don't make the contents to us to own. This explanation applies to all shown links and for all contents of the sides, to which listed links are pointing. Please, shouldn't you agree to this, leave this link side.