The full version of the program Stellwerk easy can be used with license data.

The CDROM and also downloading include documentation as PDF files (English+German). The program STe-PC version can be also used as demo without costs directly by downloading. You can order the full versions as following:

Information for ordering and prices 2022

The CDROM and and downloading contain not only program Stellwerk easy but also drivers, examples,help files and the full colored English and German documentation as PDF files for STe-PC.  

Please, indicate (a, ,b or c) absolutely the program name and the language (English, German) for the wanted documentation. The price for shipping separately a second manual is 15- €  + shipping.

You’ll get your “Invoice and Delivery note“ via postal (certified) letter with the license data or also the CDROM and manual if wanted. You can by PayPal or with a international credit form to my bank account with the international codes (IBAN/BIC).

Of course you can give me your order also by email, a fax or a personal phone call.

I would help you if you have any order questions.

The “Invoice / Delivery note” can be sent before as an email. No cash on delivery abroad.    

Price table 2022 (starting 2022-01-01)

B) CD-ROM = ask for price  +  shipping

C) CD-ROM  and one printed DinA4-manual = ask for price  + shipping

1. Your full postal address:

2. Your delivery  request as 3 alternatives A, B or C):

Name, prename

Street , number

ZIP-town  (and country)  

…. and tell me also your used Digital System  and  Interface type.

A) single downloading  of Stellwerk easy version 10.0   = ask for price

3. Your type of paying:

Easy delivery on account!, paying by PayPal or after getting invoice. prices for none Euro-countries (like US-$) are converted by the daily value.

All program prices are set in Euros (€) excluding postage/shipment (see on bottom for your area).

Sending to new customers only as certified mails and with invoice.

The prices for sending to none Euro-countries (like US-$) are converted by the daily value. No checks, no cash on delivery abroad but you can pay via PayPal without risk and none additional costs. 

Bank: Postbank Hannover     account-no.: 219505306    BLZ: 250 100 30

                   IBAN: DE90 2501 0030 0219 5053 06        BIC: PBNKDEFF

Full version Stellwerk easy Version 10.0:

 additionel postage/shipping  except download   (first sending  always = certified letter)

full version as DOWNLOAD Internet (none postage/shipping!)

ask for price

only  CD-ROM (sending as certified letter

ask for price

CD-ROM and  a b/w printed documentation (English or Spanish or German, please write language type)  (sending as certified letter)

ask for price

All upgrades from older Stellwerk easy or other versions

e.g. Stellwerk easy vers. 9,0 /  8,0  / 7.0 ,  STW2001 or some older parts (STWWIN and STW)

additionel postage/shipping except download

Full vversion DOWNLOAD Internet (new license data as email)

0.00 €

new CD-ROM including license data

5.00 €

new CD-ROM and a b/w printed documentation (Enlish or Spanish or German)

         with license data  (please write language type)

20.00 €

Seperately sending of a b/w printed documentation or a second one

additionel postage/shipping  (as normal letter)

Stellwerk easy English, Spanish or German (please write language type)

15.00 €

Postage/Shipping: (at present this  information only temporary because of new EU regulations.)

First deliveries without or with  documentation (always as certified letter)

      only CD-ROM


5.00 €

EU   (International asked for)

7,00  €

        with documentation and CD-ROM


6.00 €

EU   (International asked for)

10,00  €

Upgrades without or with printed documentation (as letter, no certified letter)

         only CD-ROM


3,00 €

EU   (International asked for)

7,00 €

         with documentation and CD-ROM


6.00 €

EU   ( International asked for)

10,00  €

Extra sending of a documentation (as letter)


4.00 €


7,00 €

More special prices (e.g. clubs) please inquire!