STELLWERK easy Version 10.0 (STe-PC)

This program is a consistent  development for the modern Windows Systems including Windows 7 / 8 / 10.

It’s based on the older programs Stellwerk easy versions 7.0 up to 9.0, Stellwerk 2001 and MTS-PC (this last one was developed for the company E.P. Lehmann (LGB). Stellwerk easy will be continued, but  not MTS-PC !

The graphic layout is based on Stellwerk easy versions 8.0 / 7.0 / MTS-PC, but the function variety is implemented from older Stellwerk easy version 7.0 and Stellwerk 2001 also..

Here:    Download English Full version of “Stellwerk easy version 10.0”

The  actual full version 10.0 of Stellwerk easy can be downloaded here as Setup:

Download is also usable as a demo-version (control for only the first 2 locomotives and max. 4 magnetic articles).

Real decoder programming is not possible by the DEMO using.

Size of download about 32 Mbytes !

Important changes / extensions between 9.0 and version 10.0

=> The  new Lenz Central Station “LVZ200” can be used with its internal USB-Interface.

=> The standard installations folder is now again "C:\STe-PC" (same as up to version 8.0); an available old folder name (STe-PC_9) will not be deleted.

=> Each small loco window can be displayed or closed during processing mode automatically in both automatic parts: contact and schedule control.  

=> New function pictures for loco windows were fixed..

=> A new contact symbol was created as horizontal contact field (size = 3 squares).

      It's also used to display the short loco name during processing mode..

=> Locomotive release was changed new if using the Digital System DiMAX.

=> You can use at schedule control instead fixed values also marker numbers for many commands, which contain the fixed value.

     This is integrated new at commands I, M, S, W and Z .In addition the J-command for supervising of e.g. blockades/jam was full included.

=> More numbers of markers are possible (now max. 999) for schedule or contact control..

=> A new option "Switching by mouse key during processing" was created for manual switching of magnetic articles and switch routes by mouse button. With the alternative "displayed status will be changed each time" e.g. touchscreens can be used better.

=> The position of schedule message windows are saved now together with the other track layout data..

=> The maximum number of schedule lines for each schedule was increased from 2000 up to 3000..

=> Using the main part of icon INIT a savety message will be displayed or canceled if a click mistake.

=> Programming parts of Massoth ITC/IR components and also  the pulsed smokers of company Firma Massoth are now integrated.

=> Tere is a compression done of routines for decoder programming and help routines in view of special real today used hardware components.

=> Several components and their documentation parts have been dropped:

Programming MTSII Loco Number Reader, LGB Sound Module, LGB MTS Braking Module,

LGB MTS Display Module and LGB MTS Additional Function Board.

     Therefore some sub chapter parts have other numbersrt.

More information of Stellwerk easy version 10.0  

Here only for our Spanish users:  Full version Español” as download Stellwerk easy version 10.0