Can I remove the loco bar?

Yes, it’s possible if you you use a small number of locomotives; then the “LTb” icon is not visible and you can removing or displaying again by the function key F12.

Is it possible to use middle mouse reel to shift within track layout?

That’s not designed for the track layout, scroll bars are available for bigger track layouts and a special position icon (4 arrow types) for fast positioning to the four end points.

I have a 2 buttons mouse and  „ORANGE" is not switch able. What can I do?

It's not possible to switch "ORANGE" by two buttons together, because modern PCs are very fast.  I advise to buy a 3 buttons mouse, it's no longer expensive today.

Although I use a 3 buttons mouse (Logimouse) no switching "orange" is possible with the middle button . What is the cause?

As a rule, in Windows is a driver is installed with only two buttons use. Install the right 3 buttons mouse driver under your Windows version under e.g.: System control, /Mouse. A further possibility is, the middle button has a special function (e.g. double-clicks) at the mouse parameters. Remove all special adjustments for the middle mouse button. Choose "no function" or "middle mouse button".

Every time I'm using the right mouse button, STELLWERK 2001 is asking to terminate program.

You have defined "Terminate application" under Windows as function for the right mouse button.  Change the adjustment under Windows at your mouse software on "none".

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