I’m using LGB Programing-Interface 55045 and want to read out/program  LGB Switch decoder 55025. But during read out I get only values of 255  for all CV-numbers. What’s the reason? All connections are proofed.

Check if it’ really the old LGB type 55025 and not the newer Märklin/LGB mfx-type 55525. This new one type (with factory number 123) can be programmed only by a programming routine with “Single-CV” and with reading the Märklin documentation.


If you get during reading values 255 displayed (e.g. also at company code), so this decoder is  “not to read out”. It’s one of the oldest first LGB-series .  These first  types can only be programmed, but nor read out. Input your wanted values (Decoder address, address mode, switch direction, switch time) and program the decoder. If programming was successful must be tested in reality. I can’t say until which  serial numbers of 55025 LGB-decoder this is valid, but these decoders is not encapsulated only painted.

Can I use the new special mode A2 of the Massoth Navigator software 1.9 “Get loco” by the PC also?

It’s possible by using the  version STE-PC 10.0. You must recognize following items:

1. Set the special mode A2 of the Navigator as described at Massoth.

2. If you want a loco by the Navigator,, input /change to this number at the Navigator.

3. The Navigator will show you a “cross” = loco reserved, but the PC sends a command “set loco free” automatically.

4. Push a second time the right Navigator button (OK) and the loco is now free for the Navigator.

5. Next you must pull the speed knob to the shown speed/direction to change the speed.

6. Now it’s possible to control with both: PC and Navigator until you will go out of the running mode.

Furthermore there is still the older releasing procedure by the icon emergency stop within the small loco window.

If I'm switching turnouts by the Massoth Navigator, the new status is not displayed at the PC.  I use the LGB Central Unit MTSIII 55006, the Massoth Navigator and the LGB PC-Interface 55060. Using the Universal handheld all was OK always.

This is a hardware problem between the Massoth Navigator and the LGB Central Unit IIII (55006).  Because the LGB Central Unit is too slow for the fast communication of the Navigator data, Massoth decided the switching commands not to send to the PC Interface. You can only solve this problem by keep on using the old Universal handheld or change to the Massoth DiMAX 800Z.

Is it possible to control my locomotives and to switch points by using a Massoth Navigator (at DiMAX-socket) of  the LGB-Central Unit 55006p and also parallel by the PC?

In principle it’s possible, but all information sent from Navigator to the LGB Central Unit 55006p (DiMAX-socket) are not sent forward to the Interface 55060, because of a HW-concept error (Navigator<–>LGB-Central Unit); so the PC can’t display the speed/direction sent by the Navigator and also the real status of switching commands sent from Navigator can’t be displayed at the PC (if no feedbacks of the points) Apart of that full control of locos is possible parallel to PC (speed, direction, light and functions).

Can I  connect via the DiMAX Transducer 8138501 a LGB-Interface 55060 with the Piko Central Unit?

Sorry, it’s not possible, because the Piko Central Unit is using the DiMAX code, but the LGB Interface 55060 needs the LGB MZS II code, which only a LGB  Central Unit can send/receive to/from Interface 55060.


If I'm using the Massoth DiMAX together with Stellwerk easy (same with Stellwerk 2001) the speed of a locomotive, which is running with 28 speed steps,  is changing sometimes abruptly its speed, this means it drives very fast or very slow.  What is the reason?

This is a firmware error of the Massoth Central Units, which was solved now by the firmware version 2.50 by Massoth. The new firmware version can be received from Massoth.  

I want to transfer from LGB MTS auf Massoth DiMAX. Can I use furthermore my LGB MTS program?

This is only possible, if the Massoth Central Unit 800Z/1200Z is running in old  MTSII mode and you have a LGB PC-Interface 55060  or you are using the real DiMAX  mode (MTSIII) and the LGB PC-Interface 55060 connected by the Massoth Transducer 600A.

But this is a bad solution, because you can use  loco numbers only up to 22 with 14 speed steps and also up to 8 functions. It's better to use the Massoth interface to PC directly by the program "Stellwerk easy". The track layout can be imported and then  higher loco numbers than 22 and also 28 speed steps or more functions are supported. Old  LGB parts (e.g. handhelds )can be used furthermore by the Massoth Transducer 600A, but only within the limits of the LGB MTSII.  

What have I to do to use your program "Stellwerk easy" instead of my LGB MTS-PC program together with my LGB parts?

You must only import your track layout once by the import function of "Stellwerk easy" to a new file format.  The track layout will be the same. You can test as demo-version "Stellwerk easy" with the first 2 locomotives and the first 4 magnetic articles directly. You need a license to use all features; so newer hardware parts e.g. of Massoth can be used also.   

I have a LGB Central Unit 55006 and very often I see  the message "ALL OFF" for a short time, but with the Central Unit of my friend all is running fine. What's the reason?

The reason is probably a hardware error  of the LGB Central Unit. Such a problem is known for several units 55006. Please, call company Massoth for an update. This error don't occur  with LGB Central Unit 55005.

I have yet the old first LGB Central Unit 55000 (1+7 locos). Can I use "Stellwerk easy" with this unit?

The LGB Central Unit 55000 can only support up to 8 locomotives, these are usable, and also other possibilities  of "Stellwerk easy". You should recognize the following conditions:

  1. The "maximum loco number" must be reduced at  "Initializing" window to 7 (or 8).

  2. You should use the LGB MTS Remote Adapter 5500110 to connect more bus modules/parts, because the Central Unit 55000 is only supporting low current for the (round) bus connector.  

Furthermore you need also your old  LGB PC-Interface 55060.

Is it possible to use schedules of MTS-PC in Stellwerk 2001  or in Stellwerk easy?

a) There is a import function in schedule editor of Stellwerk easy. Here the used contact numbers are converted once.

b) This conversion is not (yet) available in schedule editor of Stellwerk 2001 (STWEDIT). If you have used MTS-PC before and now DiMAX, you can convert the schedules once by schedule editor of Stellwerk easy  (ST-EDIT).  

Can I use the Massoth Feedback Modules 280R for LGB MTS 55005/55006 with 55060 in STe-PC program?

The Massoth Feedback Module 280R can be used also in connection with the LGB MTS 55005/55006, but you must not plug into the DiMAX-Bus of the 55006.

There is now a programming routine (in STe-PC) to define, read out or set Massoth Feedback Modules, which will be used in connection with Massoth DiMAX or MTSII (55045). Use this new window for easy programming!

Which feedback modules can be connected to Massoth DiMAX and how are contact numbers to define?

You can connect to the Massoth DiMAX:

a) The Massoth Feedback Module type 280R (8170001) to the Massoth Bus directly.

b) The LGB Feedback Module types (55070, 55075) can be connected via Massoth Transducer 600A to the DiMAX.

c) A mixed connection of LGB feedback modules is possible as slaves on the Massoth Feedback Module, but here a special HW/SW-revision status of the Massoth  280R is necessary; ask therefore company Massoth.

There is now a programming routine (in STe-PC) to define, read out or set Massoth Feedback Modules, which will be used in connection with Massoth DiMAX or MTSII (55045). Use this new window for easy programming!

You find also a table and formula within the documentation (chapter 21.8). To get the exact contact numbers for the LGB feedback modules (using their DIP switches) a special program tool and also a table in the documentation (chapter 21.9) are available.

Is it possible to use STELLWERK 2001 for LGB MTS-System also?

Sorry not yet, because E.P. Lehmann had own Interfaces (55060 and/or 55045) and had not published their transfer codes. The last version 6.0 of LGB MTS-PC program has in practice same functions like STELLWERK 2001, because development of MTS-PC was done by myself for E.P. Lehmann. Some more you'll find in Depesche Telegram  (June 2004). If you will get a Massoth DiMAX it's very easy to change to Stellwerk 2001. But now there is the new program "Stellwerk easy" and this can be used for LGB MTS also; you can import STW2001 track layout files.

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