How is the correct connection of magnetic articles to switch and to get the same status by PC and the Lenz handhelds?

Lenz don't label the indication for switching magnet articles as other distributors by red and green but by  - and  +  (e.g. at handheld and at  decoder-pins.  The norm is:  - (minus) = red/diverging  and  + (plus) = green/straight

It was now changed in Stellwerk easy (with version 7.0.0027) to this norm.

If magnetic articles don't get the same status by PC and Lenz handhelds, then you have two different alternatives:

    1. Change connections  - and +  at decoder  /  magnetic article or  

    2. Change in PC-program the magnetic articles definition by option "Reverse setting direction".

If using Stellwerk 2001 this  norm will be changed and available also in next  update version (>11.0.0014).

Do you support Lenz USB-Interface "LI-USB"?

Yes, please use  STW2001 11.0 or STe-PC 7.0. Here some notes for using LENZ USB-Interface:

Using "Lenz  System: USB-Interface" LI-USB a USB port can be used with Windows XP or Windows 2000, if once before starting STW2001/STe-PC delivered driver of company Lenz was installed. A “virtual“ COM-Interface is created in this case and used  COM-No. can be seen at Windows Device-Manager. You can change to Windows Device-Manager by

Start Icon

Select Settings

Select Control Panel

Select System

Select Device-Manager

Select Ports (COM & LPT)  

Changes are not necessary here! - Mark the used COM-number!           

It is COM1 up to  COM4 normally for using a USB-Interface. 

STW2001 / STe-PC must know this number at “Options/Initialization“. As standard you find „Märklin“ and COM = "none" for testing without real activities.  Select your Lenz-Interface “LENZ Digital plus with LI-USB“ and COM information of Device-Manager. Data rate is not changeable, because Lenz-USB-Interface is working with fixed 57.600 Baud. Used settings are saved together with your track layout  (stw-file).  

Programs LI-USB Server, LI-USB ‘Fahrpult’, LI-USB CV-Editor or LI-USB Configuration also delivered by company Lenz must not be loaded/active!

I want to read out and program CV's >128 for my  ESU-Decoder. How can I get e.g.  CV151?

In STW2001 (since 11.0) and in STe-PC  CVs >128  up to 255 can be read out and programmed by Single-CV.

First read out main data (Read out displayed data up to 29) to get type and fundamental data. Then you can get and program wanted CV's by "Single CV". Meaning of  CV's must be taken from manufacturer information.  

Do you support Lenz Interface LI101F?

Yes, please use for STW2001 at least update 10.5.0004 or STe-PC 7.0. But there is a problem using LI101F at some Windows versions. A so called "collision" during transfer can occur by a software error some Windows versions. Company Lenz has done a hardware release for LI101F, which is sending an error message in such cases. and Stellwerk 2001 can react to this message.  LI101F must have:

                        Versions number: 2.0 or higher, Service number: 1.0 or higher.

Contact -if you have problems with LI101F- for hardware update company Lenz directly.

Do you supply Lenz Decoder LS150?

Yes, LS150 is used for 6 magnetic article addresses, e.g.. 1 up to 6. Using only one LS150 with address e.g.1 up to 6, so a second decoder of type LS100 can be used with first address 9 only; addresses 7 and 8 are not used. If even number of  LS150 are installed there is not such a problem.

but attention: LS150 has no feedback like LS100, it is like older  LS110, but with 6 magnetic article numbers.

I want to program several CV's for my locomotive decoders. How is possible to program CV 67 per example?

In STW2001 (since update 10.00.1020) and in STe-PC a locomotive decoder programming part is integrated. All essential and general CV's are displayed (also the programmable speed curve from CV67 and higher). All CV's, which have different meaning between several supplier can be read out or programmed by "CV single programming".


How can I determinate the respective contact numbers using Lenz Feedback Modules?

There are two types of  Lenz feedback modules :

a) the LR100 with 2 addresses         and         b)  the LR101 with one address.

The  address area  >=65 is  recommended by Lenz. as default. The calculation of the highest contact number of the respective module address arises is:

for a) LR100:

Highest contact number, = 2nd address * 8. The area then starts with 15 numbers lower, e.g. for LR100 and addresses 65 and 66:

is then : 66 * 8 = 528 and therefore the area starts from 513 up to 528  (=last number).

for b) LR101:

Highest contact number, = address * 8. The area then starts with 7 numbers lower, e.g. for LR101 and address 65:

is then: 65 * 8 = 520 and therefore the area starts from 513 up to 520 (=last number).

You don't have to use the addresses favored by Lenz, only magnet article decoders and feedback modules must not use any same addresses.

The highest contact number is defined as initialization parameter for every case. To use virtual contacts, you define a higher value as used by feedback modules.

I can't get the exact status of my "Three way switches".  I'm using Lenz (version 3.x) and decoders with no feedback possibility.

Following items must take into account:

a) Since Lenz version 3.0 switch commands come back to PC also you  are using decoders LS110 (without feedback). Therefore they will be analyzed by  STELLWERK program. Every feedback command includes (min) always two decoder addresses, e.g.. 1 and 2 or e.g.. 41 and 42 etc..

b) Three way switches need two addresses always, which are defined one after another. and must be within the same decoder. This is e.g.  1 and 2 or 41 and 42, but not 4 and 5 or 42 and 43.

c)  Furthermore assignment of direction (left/right) is fixed but can be switched within definition window.

Cause no. 1:

If definition are false (e.g. 4 and 5) so Lenz System is sending status (or yet unused) 3+4 and 4+5 with separate command parts So relation of feedback input for these three way switches is unfortunately not possible. (in above example for numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6). 

Cause no. 2:

If decoder entries of e.g. no. 1 and no. 2 are changed, false feedback is indicated also.

Please, define addresses of "Three way switches" always one after another directly and within the same decoder. Look at right assignment of the entries.

Which systems don't support functions F1... F28 ?

   a. Using Arnold-System it's not possible generally because of used Märklin-Interfaces. But with newer Central Units it should be  possible. Use "Maerklin" instead of "Arnold" in STELLWERK 2001 initialization data.

   b. After a written enquiry to the company Märklin I received the following answer: The functions F1. F4 can be used together with the Interface only with Central Units 6020 and 6021. It doesn't go at the central processing units 6027, 6030 as well as Central Control with  direct current. At the cases which don't go a complete blockade of the Digital System which isn't soluble by PC enters.

  c. LGB MTSII is using only functions up to 8, so LGB 55060 can't transfer no higher functions.

The number of usable functions is depending on the used Digital System and the decoder type. Stellwerk easy version 9.0 supports  up to 28 functions, Stellwerk 2001 version 12.0 is supporting now up to 16 functions functions

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