But Upgrades in comparison to updates are always full versions, i.e. with all components and  changes between two different versions (V. 8.0 => V. 9.0) or different products  (e.g. STW2001 V.11.0 –> STE-PC V.9.0).

You can find full versions  at “Product-Info“ and prices for upgrades see at “Order / Prices“.

There are no updates available for last full version STW2001 12.0.0001 !

Maintenance was ended with year 2016!

The last changes of  Stellwerk easy version 9.0.

New 9.00.0025

106. Intellibox changes for P50X mode

105 Changes for coupled magnetic articles

104. Error correction for autom. loading track layout file


103. Reading during programming of Massoth Switch Decoders

         the  actual CV-value of CV31/32 was not displayed.

102. It was possible that erasing of a signal executed a false



101. In locomotive definition values of  L, M, H may be changed false.

100. At "Display schedules" some information text was lost.


99. Magnetic article coupling could display a a false symbol by

       using in switch routes.

98. Changes at schedule error handling.; now also the actual line

       number will be displayed.

97.  Loco number checking has been changed.

96. At 'Print switch routes'  the page number was  for 1 to high in 2nd. part.

95. Marker value of number 250 was not displayed at 'Display markers'.


94. A new schedule command for STe-PC and schedule editor      was integrated: J (activities at 'Jam/Blockade').

      J, 0, [z] = generates a direct 'STOP' of all locomotives.

      J, 1 = generates a direct 'ALL OFF'.

      J, 2, [z] = generates a direct 'STOP' of all locomotives

      and then also a direct 'ALL OFF'.

     You can define with the second entry z (0=no or 1=yes) if

     also the AUTO-Icon should be set to STOP(red).

     J, S, f = generates a direct end of one loaded schedule f

     (f = 1 up to 9).

93. The init/open routine of Tams Easy Control was changed  

      because of newer Tams EC version.

92. Changes in programming part for the Massoth 1- and 4-

      channel switch decoder.


91. Update changes of help-files and documentation.

90. Better checking of route status and activities.

89. Expanded schedule X-command.

88. Expanded schedule Y-command.

87. Changes for init parts.


86. Now markers also can be set to zero  by "Init-Icon".

85. Expanded error checking for false switch route definitions.

84. it was not possible to reserve/release third defined switch

    route (via marker-no.) using contact mode at free.

83. Switch route conditions in loco tracking definition

    could create an program error.

82. Using single arm signals with 1 DEC-address the "orange-

    status" did not really switch to green within switch routes

    (as described) and changes in loco-tr. for orange.

81. CV53 for Rolling Stock Decoder was not to program (55034).

80. Now the file searching part within the sound(WAV)-window

    can be used always.


79. Help files changed because of program changes.

78. Changed at icon symbol "Init" for changing to initial status.

    Now it's possible to set only all signals, only all

    switch tracks/points, only all magnetic articles, only all

    switch routes or only all contacts to their initial status.

77. Changes of schedule command "A". Now also usable as:

    A, S = only all signals -> Init

    A, P = only all switch tracks/points-> Init

76. Error corrected within definition of loco tracking, if

    signals with 3 or 4 inputs are used as conditions.

75. Changes in printouts and displays using switch routes and

    loco tracking.

74. Text of status using track inhibit signals and/or inverse

     track switches.

New 9.00.0017

73. When moving an area including several switch routes in this

      area, a serious error could occur.

72. Output buffer for COM-transfer has been expanded.

71. Using decoder programming and the part “single CV'

     the CV55  is used for Reset only for LGB type

     55020/55021 decoders.


70. In the display and print parts for markers the section

    for "contact free" was inserted.

69. Using schedule command "/, I" you can display now also

    a marker value, i.e.:

   /, Value marker-no. 8=&MARKER8&  

68. Locomotive definitions with loco numbers > MAX-LocoNo.

    will not be read in (because error result).

67. Marker mumber erasing was not refreshed at contact

    definion window.

66. The error at importing LGB track layouts (*.lgb) with

    data for loco tracking has been corrected.  

65. Small graphic changing for route symbols with arrow and

    diagonal tracks (No's. 237 up to 248).


64. New possibilities releasing a locomotive by using the

    DiMAX Navigator and PC at same time.

63. Loco numbers can be moved directly into a marker number.

62. You can use now "scoll only" in loco tracking window.

61. The status of routes can be used as condition in loco

    tracking alternatives.

60. Increasing of the limits for loco tracking; now up to

    15 alternatives, each with up to 9 conditions are possible.

59. If wanted a spanish version is available(English/Español).

58. All test data include now the standard folder of

      version 9.0 for ... Loco and ...WAV.

57. A time delay command was included for a better

      switching  off  of the LGB 55005/55006 when

     changing to the  construction mode.

56. Messages within the "STe_INOUT.dat" are

      changed using  the DiMAX.

55. The internal used value "last loco speed before zero"

      for locos,  which are stored in the track layout file,

     are now set to zero  when starting with "First Start".

54. Using DiMAX all engines, which are stored with

     speed zero in the  track layout file, will now be

    deselected at "First Start" after  speed was set to  zero

    (without information,  only line within the Trace-file).

53. Changes with the license window (Cancel command).  


52. Automatic loco de-selection using Massoth DiMAX and the  new Navi software 1.9 with activation special mode A2.

51. Expansion for contact triggering by magnetic article and manually switching by handhelds if using contact control,  (see documentation 9.2.2).

50. Correction of a runtime error if option "Display Tooltip" was tried to change.

49. Fist changes to integrate later -maybe- a Spanish version.


48. Changes for display/selection of loaded files (from Registry).

47. Changes for keeping the CV limit value within the  programming windows.

46. Function icon of "Light 3" corrected.


45. switch back time of toggle loco functions new checked

    and changed.

44. Light function display (30) for "ON" was false.

43. ALLOFF displaying window checked and inserted.

42. Dianostic test routine at "PariTy" error new built.

41. Savety check  for false saved symbol sizes.


40. Using the LGB MTS 55060 Systems and a manually contact triggering of one contact with a coupled second one the automatic commands for the second one could be executed twice at special conditions.

39. Correction for LGB MTS-System using loco function triggering (on/off).

38. Info window corrected.

37. Correction of schedule C-command for loco functions defined as toggle mode (T) and triggering by a function picture.

36. Expansion for loco functions, which are defined as toggle mode (T). A period (0 up to 99) can be fixed here for sending an automatic "OFF" command after x seconds after the "ON" command was send by the PC. This is helpful using loco function modules, which cannot used as (M) moment switch function (e.g. Pico/Uhlenbrock Sound-Module #36199 with a SUSI interface).  

35. Corrections of switch decoder programming routine.

34. Update for import function of STW2001 files of the version 12.0.

33. Integration of a check routine for correction of defective symbol definitions. Please, ask the author if you want to use this routine.

32. The functions for deleting/erasing symbols with two squares were changed.


Updates for STELLWERK easy version 9.0 (STe-PC)

The Updates are changes within a version (e.g. 9.0). Customers can receive these without costs via Internet download, if they have purchased the full version (e.g. 9.0) already before.

These update downloads are reduced installation versions including only the new components, which have been changed since publication of the first basic full version.

(File about 18 MB, only for customers, who are using already the versions 9.0.001 or higher!)

Attension: Track layout files saved with  version 9.0.0025 can’t be read in by older versions (<=9.0.0014). No backwards compatibility!

Reduced English update download Stellwerk easy

Version 9. 0  (9.0.0025) of 2017-04-04

Updates zu STELLWERK 2001 Version 12.0 (STW2001)

Attension: Track layout files saved with  version 12.0.0001 can’t be read in by older versions (<12.0.0001). No backwards compatibility!

The last changes of Stellwerk 2001 vers. 12.0.

New 12.00.0001

02. Functions up to 16 can be used now for the systems of Lenz and Massoth DimaX.

01. The main changes are converting routines to use the newer Windows systems (Win7/8) as 32- and 64-bit versions, therefore especially the graphic parts have been changed.

Here only for our Spanish users  an “Update Español” as download Stellwerk easy version  9.0.0025 of 2017-04-04

Customers of STW2001 version 11.0 or older versions can get an upgrade

 to the powerfull Ste-PC version 9.0

See at “Order / Prices“.