Upgrades in comparison to updates are always full versions, i.e. with all components and  changes between two different versions

e.g. V. 9.0  => V. 10.0) or different products  (e.g. STW2001 V.12.0  => STE-PC V.10.0).

You can find full versions  at “Product-Info“ and prices for upgrades see at “Order / Prices“.

The last changes of  Stellwerk easy version 10.0.

New 10.0.008

22. The status of ToolTip-Diplay Option is now saved within

    track layout file (ste-file).

21. Correction of schedule Z-command for pauses >1 second.

20. Using schedule A-command the loco number on a contact

    will be now displayed again also if contact is changed

    to init status.


19. Revised programming tools for switch- and loco-decoders.

18. Changes of programming digital turntable.

17. Now at "Auto" icon during RED appears a message text.

16. Some times a false loco-no. produced an error within main-part.


15. Error correction of toolbar if using  "LTb" (>38).

14. Changes for touch-Screen (double button-simul.)

    during processing mode.

13. Fields and layout changes because 125% typeface.  


12. Changes for "down/up"-keys with LGB 55060 Interface.

11. Flank defence using coupled points within routes is

    now revised.

10. Symbol adjustments for end tack bumpers.

09. Correcton for touch screen using.

08. Feedback for Lenz-System with one-address double cross

    switches has been improved.


07. Picture displacements during running mode (loco-speed and

    advice loco pictures) has been removed.


06. Improvements have been done for high screen solutions and text size 125%.

05. It's now possible to use both COM-no. and track layout name for a command entry, e.g.:


    This means COM=6 will be transferred, independent of

    value  in track layout file "My_track_layout.ste".   

04. Definition of "Free"-activity in contact definition  for locos could only defined "without function", now it's OK.


03. False execution within the Z-command routine with several parallel  running schedules or Z-commands  with markers.

02. Decoder programming windows could not be used, if large track layouts with very great number of locomotives are defined within the toolbar. Now the toolbar entries are un visible for the time of  using programming windows during processing mode.

01. Several fonts changes (for higher screen solutions).

Hannover, 2018-01-28

Updates for STELLWERK easy version 10.0 (STe-PC)

The Updates are changes within a version (e.g. 9.0). Customers can receive these without costs via Internet download, if they have purchased the full version (e.g. 10.0) already before.

These update downloads are reduced installation versions including only the new components, which have been changed since publication of the first basic full version.

(File about 19 MB, only for customers, who are using already the versions 10.0.001 or higher!)

Attension: Track layout files saved with  version 10.0.008 can’t be read in by older versions then <10.0.008 or 9.0.

 No backwards compatibility!

Reduced English update download Stellwerk easy

version 10.0  (10.0.008) of 2018-09-28

Here only for our Spanish users an reduced

“Update Español” download Stellwerk easy

version  10.0.008 of 2018-09-28

A T T E N S I O N !!!

 Not usable as ugrade from Ste-PC

version 9.0 ==> version 10.0

At first you must have installed the full version of Ste-PC 10.0 !