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Stellwerk easy Version 10.0 (STe-PC)

 Very easy to use but powerful PC control with

Model Railway Digital Systems of companies

Massoth DiMAX, LGB MTS II / III (using LGB Central Units and 55060/55045 Interfaces)

 Lenz (also with LGB locomotives), Uhlenbrock Intellibox (IB1 and IB IR),

Fleischmann Twin-Center), Tams EasyControl / RedBox,

 Arnold or Märklin (but not the new Main Station Systems) .

A Spanish version is also available, please write me if you are interesting.              

The actual the version is now 10.0.018  (2021-05-13)

supporting the above named Digital Systems and running  at Windows

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2000

and Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Ordering of version 10.0 full version, upgrades from STe-PC 9.0

or earlier versions are now possible!

Downloads or CD-ROM, optionally with printed documentation.

More information at “Product-Info”, “Order / Prices” or “Updates”.

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