S T E L L W E R K     S o f t w a r e

Stellwerk easy (STe-PC)

 Stellwerk (Switch tower) is an efficient Model Railroad Control System for PCs,

very simple in use with Digital Systems of companies Massoth DiMAX, Lenz (also with LGB locomotives), Uhlenbrock Intellibox (IB 1 and IB IR), Fleischmann Twin-Center), Tams EasyControl,

 Märklin (but not the new Main Station System)  or Arnold.

The program Stellwerk easy supports in addition LGB MTS II (using 55060/55045 Interfaces).

A Spanish version is also available, please write me if you are interesting.              

The actual the version is now

9.00.0025  (2017-04-04)

supporting the above named

 Digital Systems and running  at

Windows 7 / 8 / 10 , Windows Vista,

 Windows 2000 and Windows XP !

Ordering of full versions and upgrades from older versions are possible as

 downloads or CDROM, optionally with printed documentation.

More information at “Order / Prices” or “Updates”.

   S T E L L W E R K  e a s y

German language click here !


!!! Attention !!!

Maintenance and further development for the programs

Stellwerk 2001 (STW2001)

and also the older programs


ended the with year 2016.

Users of STW2001 version 12.01

(12.0.0001  (15.03.2013)

or older versions should change to the the more efficient program Stellwerk easy  9.0.

(Please contact!).

Last revision: 4th. April 2017

Copyright; Dipl.-Ing. Jürgen Schwarz Hannover, © 2017

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A new update for Stellwerk easy version 9.0 (9.00.0025 / 2007-04-04) is available !