Can I use Stellwerk easy 10.1 also with Windows 10?

With the present knowledge, yes. Some customers had problems with their USB-COM converting cables depending on used drivers. This was cleared with the customers by newer drivers from the manufacturers of these cables/converters. At problems the execution should be used under the compatibility mode "Windows 7".

Is it possible to control e.g. a locomotive by my Smartphone with Stellwerk easy?

This is possible in principle by “Phone My PC“ in connection with an APP for all Android Smartphone/Systems and obtainable by Google. More information you can get by phone from myself. I hope to write some parts in closer future, because here it would be taking things to far. Some information you can get also by the following link to YouTube:    

I have changed some weeks ago from MTSII to a Pico Central Unit with bus a converter  from  Massoth and parallel loco and universal handhelds from LGB and  I have also a LGB 55045. Can I use this device also as an interface to control my parts?

Sorry, I can give you only following information:
The LGB Programming Interface 55045 is only suitable to program decoders and modules (without connection with a central unit), but not for controlling. It’s true the Piko Central Uniti is built by Massoth, but there is no exit for controlling by PC like the Massoth 800Z or 1200Z.  Many user and myself regret that Piko didn’t want to have such an interface or an own PC-module (like the old LGB 55060). Last words are not spoken between Massoth and Piko, but there is no actual planning at this time.

Do you have a Spanish version of Stellwerk easy also?

Yes, but not here as a standard download .You can write me and you can receive a Spanish program file also, which can be changed during running also to English. The documentation at this time was kindly translated by a  Spanish user. You can get it from me as a PDF-file.

I can't call the help file of Stellwerk easy, why?

If you can't call the help file (Ste-PCe.chm) of  "Stellwerk easy 9.0" (STe-PC.exe) directly by its own menu item "Help Index" or by F1 key, then please check the properties/connection of your "desktop"-call. You must find there at "Execute in:" (in German "Ausführen in:") the installation folder. If there is no entry, please insert really: C:\STe-PC_V9  and do the same for the "desktop"-call of the "Schedule Editor 9.0" (ST-Edit.exe); insert here also the same folder name C:\STe-PC_V9 .

My new PC is using Windows 8. Can I run Stellwerk easy version 9.0?

Yes, Stellwerk easy is running for Windows 7 and Windows 8 also.

I can't install STW2001 on a Windows 7 System. What's wrong?

The problem is your are using a version <12.0. You should think about a change to Stellwerk easy version 9.0 or to upgrade your existing Stellwerk 2001 version. the new existing license data are common for Stellwwerk easy.

I have now a new PC with Windows 8 (64Bit-System ) and only with USB connections and the existing Profillic conversion cablez (USB/COM) is not working anymore. What can I do?

Look to buy a new cable, which is using  the FTDI chipset for its driver. an actual FTDI-driver you can find at:

Using my new laptop, which have Windows 7 and only  USB interfaces, I can't get a real processing with my conversion cable I used before. What can I do?

The problem is your used COM/USB driver, which will not work for Windows 7. Do following:

1. De-install and erase your used old driver.

2. Restart your PC now.

3. Go to Internet site: .You find there at chapter "Sitecom cn116 USB2 Com_Adapter"  (usable for Vista) the file, including a driver, which is working also for Windows 7.

4. Download  this file, unpack it and execute the installation routine "CN-116 Vista Driver Installer.exe". Several customers use it without problems

Using Vista I can't see the last part of the locomotive windows for control the loco speed! Is this an error??

If you can't see (e.g. using Vista or Windows 7) the last part of the locomotive window for speed control, it's a defining theme of Vista

and/or Windows 7. Change the type size as following:

    Go to "System Control / Control Panel" and to "Display". There you find the part "Type size changing".

    Change it from 120 dpi to 96 dpi or to 100% and start the PC new.

For which Windows Systems is  STELLWERK 2001 running?

STELLWERK 2001 is a 32bit application, developed under Windows 7. It's running and tested  as standard at windows 7 / 8 and also with Windows Vista, Windows'2000, Windows ME and Windows XP. Stellwerk 2001 is not to install and to execute at Windows 98, Windows'95,or the very old systems  Windows 3.1 or Windows 3.11. Also it's not developed for Linux and Mac. You should use the newest STELLWERK update 12.0. 00001 (2013-03-15).

Is it possible to use STELLWERK 2001 for LGB MTS-System also?

Sorry no, because E.P. Lehmann had own Interfaces (55060 and/or 55045) and had not published their transfer codes. The last version 6.0 of LGB MTS-PC program has in practice same functions like STELLWERK 2001, because development of MTS-PC was done by myself for E.P. Lehmann. Some more you'll find in Depesche Telegram  (June 2004). If you will get a Massoth DiMAX it's very easy to change to Stellwerk 2001. But now there is the new program "Stellwerk easy" and this can be used for LGB MTS also; you can import STW2001 track layout files.

Wich tranfer rates are used by STELLWERK 2001 / Stellwerk easy and wehre are they defined.

STELLWERK 2001 and Stellwerk easy are using the full possibilities of the hardware interfaces. Using e.g. the old Maerklin-Interface only the transfer rate 2.400 Baud is possible, but using Uhlenbrock IB or Fleischmann TC or Tams EC rates up to 19.200 Baud can be selected. Furthermore Massoth DiMAX is using 57.600 Baud, LGB MTS only 9.600 Baud and Lenz depending on type of their IInterface (LI…) up to 115.200 Baud. At first you must define (program) the wanted transfer speed at your hardware Interfave (not possible e.g. at Märklin 6050/6051) , and then you select in Stellwerk your type of Interface, the transfer speed (or you use the fixed value) and select the COM-port at “Initialisation” window.

How many colors shall I use for Windows running STELLWERK 2001?

Memory size using Windows climbs for "True color " enormous . Therefore you better use only  "High color (16 bits)" . Since STELLWERK 2001 uses max.  256 colors only, the parameter "256 colors" also can be used. Memory size depends on  pixels of screen size, resolution and percentage factor of track layout height and width, Please, use track layout height and width only as large as necessary.

How I can print a track layout as graphic ?

Construct a track layout or load a saved one. Select still other colors (e.g. white  instead of gray background). Then select  the last entry "Graphic picture output (bmp)" in menu "file" / "save as". Choose a file name -it gets the extension  BMP automatically- and save your file. The track layout in complete size and without control bars on selected data device and can be  printed on your system printer or changed with a standard graphic program (e.g. PAINT.EXE).

Loading a track layout I get the error "Index out o valid area (9) " What can I do?

This message indicates at a wrong initialization parameter value normally. Check whether not several track layouts shall be loaded one above the other. Terminate STELLWERK 2001 and load the file as first. Perhaps change the maximum values in the initialization window. Under circumstances the values have to be changed also only about the file to be loaded. (File structure sees description see manual 20.1). May be you have to send the file to  me to establish the real cause.

Track symbols (straight or diagonal) are often put together from too many small pieces. Remember that you can put a long track over turnouts or contacts; after "new drawing" the parts typed over are visible again. The number of the symbols could have got very large that same track layout was loaded twice one above the other through this furthermore. Please, avoid this.

How can I get help if there are problems using STELLWERK 2001 or with Stellwerk easy?

On condition that a registration (form is enclosed in the product) to the author is done., registered users will be informed about possible updates.

The author can be contacted by phone, letter, fax or e-mail directly, but by phone between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm (MEZ).  As a rule, he will be attainable. It's important to get following  information if you have problems:

                        Current information of the initialization data

                        Current software version of STe-PC or STW2001 (displayed at help/information e.g. STe-PC 9.0.0010, STW2001 = 12.0.0001 )

                        Details on PC components (PC type, Windows version)

                        Hardware of the Digital System (Massoth,  Lenz,LGB MTS, Intellibox / Twin-Center, Tams EC or Arnold, Märklin).

If there exist serious program errors a correction will be done as possible.

How can I read Trace files of STW2001?

there are three  Trace test files, activated by Initialization window:

    In-Out-Trace:           STe-PC = STe-PC_INOUT.DAT          STW2001 =  STWINOUT.DAT    

    Error-Trace:             STe-PC = STe-PC_ERROR.DAT        STW2001 = STWERROR.DAT   

    Schedule-Trace:      STe-PC = STe-PC_TRACE.DAT         STW2001 = STWTRACE.DAT    (for schedule control only)

All files are stored at your  STe-PC_V9 (or STW2001) folder and overwritten at next start without message.

File "STWERROR.DAT" with runtime error messages is easy to read by an editor (e.g.WordPad or Editor)

Also file "STWTRACE.DAT" with all executed schedule commands with long text is easy to read. Real jumping addresses and variable values are shown.

File "STWINOUT.DAT" includes every command sent or received  by interface This file depends on used Digital System and shows commands e.g.. L-In = Lenz read in, L-Out = Lenz send out,  time is displayed in seconds after midnight. Command is listed at Cmd: and  parameters at 1: up to  max 16:. last entry for Lenz is so called XOR-Byte. Listing is readable only with good knowledge of command structure and listing of hardware developer; it's used to find severe bugs.

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