I’m using Massoth Feedback Modules 280R as LGB-Modules (master) with my LGB MTS-System (Central Unit 55006). I must always disconnect the bus cable to the master, so that Stellwerk easy is running. What I’m doing wrong?

It is not your mistake and not an error of Stellwerk easy. Meanwhile it was checked, that the newer feedback modules 280R have this problem and probably only Massoth can solve it. Connect directly to Massoth with this problem! - But if you you use an old LGB 55070 feedback module as a master and behind it the Massoth 280R’s as slaves, so everything is running ok.!

Can I use the Massoth Feedback Modules 280R for LGB MTS 55005/55006 with 55060 in STe-PC program?

The Massoth Feedback Module 280R can be used also in connection with the LGB MTS 55005/55006, but you must not plug into the DiMAX-Bus of the 55006.

There is now a programming routine (in STe-PC) to define, read out or set Massoth Feedback Modules, which will be used in connection with Massoth DiMAX or MTSII (55045). Use this new window for easy programming!

Which feedback modules can be connected to Massoth DiMAX and how are contact numbers to define?

You can connect to the Massoth DiMAX:

a) The Massoth Feedback Module type 280R (8170001) to the Massoth Bus directly.

b) The LGB Feedback Module types (55070, 55075) can be connected via Massoth Transducer 600A to the DiMAX.

c) A mixed connection of LGB feedback modules is possible as slaves on the Massoth Feedback Module, but here a special HW/SW-revision status of the Massoth  280R is necessary; ask therefore company Massoth.

There is now a programming routine (in STe-PC) to define, read out or set Massoth Feedback Modules, which will be used in connection with Massoth DiMAX or MTSII (55045). Use this new window for easy programming!

You find also a table and formula within the documentation (chapter 21.8). To get the exact contact numbers for the LGB feedback modules (using their DIP switches) a special program tool and also a table in the documentation (chapter 21.9) are available.

Can I use Littfinski Transponder-Read Unit (COL-10)?

I had no exact results with first test of these locomotive number reader for Märklin (and Uhlenbrock) and therefore a release in STW2001 was not possible. I will follow up this component later. It is designed for Maerklin/Uhlenbrock only -in connection with S88-feedback modules.

How are working the queries of feedback modules of Maerklin System ?

If contact or schedule control are active, feedback modules up to highest contact number are queried every xx msec. (variable time is changeable by parameter). All parts changed to "occupied" will be updated at the track layout.  To process all conditions the PC needs a certain internal time, therefore slow PCs have problems if using too often such query. Using 110 msec. for Pentium PCs no problems should occur normally. Please, use  contact numbers only so high as feedback modules are used (except virtual contacts shall be used).

How long is the occupied status for different contact types?

In principle, gives two various groups:

    a) Contacts, which are triggered only a short-time and as a rule once . These are: Reed contact and switch track (Märklin).

    b) Contacts, which are occupied by engine/car  for a longer time. Contact track and track occupation sensor are part of this.

Furthermore the defined blocked time is authoritative for every contact  (parameter: "Afterwards contact will be blocked for ..) ". Closed contacts remain occupied for the duration of its block time, i.e. a second triggering is prevented. The contacts of group a) are free again after this. Contacts of the group of b) may be longer "occupied"  if e.g. an engine or  illuminated car stand on the occupied section. Is a contact coupled with a further then the block time prolongs until  the second contact is free.

Using schedule control the "status occupies" of one single contacts remains as long as got till new queried, e.g. by "FALLS K ...) or manual changes by schedule command B (BELEGE = occupy ...). Very fast behind each other following queries to the same contact get unconsidered for one for a short time (block time). The parameter "Contact free  automatically" applies to the schedule control, deleting mentioned above can be prevented by this parameter.

I’m using  (Maerklin) contact tracks only, I would like to see only the real contact status that is as long as the contact is occupied by train as "RED". How this goes ?

There are two alternatives here:

1.) At selection "Contact control"  you use as contact type "contact track" and define as block time = 0, if you don't use any triggering. If you use contact triggering, though, then block time take care that no double triggering is executed  during the time..

2.) At selection "Schedule control"  you use also as contact type "contact track" and define as block time= 0. Write and load a pseudo schedule e.g. from 4 commands:


*, this is a pseudo schedule

V, 1


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