PC / Operating systems:

RAM  at least 1GB, recommended 2 GB, CD-ROM  drive, Mouse, COM- or USB-connection

Grafphic card / screen resolution at least 1024x768 pixel

Windows versions beginning from Windows XP, furthermore Vista, Win 2000 and Windows  7 / 8 / 10  (32bit/ and 64bit).

Supported Digital systems:

Massoth DiMAX

LGB MTS II / III with Interfaces 55060 (switching/driving ), 55045 (programming)

Lenz Digital plus (all software versions up to 3.x and Interfaces)

Uhlenbrock Intellibox Basic (IB 1 and IB IR), usable also with extended P50X mode

Fleischmann TwinCenter (usable also with extended P50X mode)

Tams EasyControl  / RedBox (useable also with extended P50X mode)

Märklin/Arnold with 6050/6051 Interfaces (old Märklin-Systems 6020/6021 with Interface 6050/6051)


Very easy construction of a track layouts and real control.. Modern window display with menu, icons, toolbar, HTML- help.

Magnetic articles: up to 1024 (MTSII real up to 128).

Contacts or/and track occupation sensors: up to  1056 (MTS a/b/v numbers are converted to numeric).

Loco numbers: from 0 up to 9999 (MTSII max. 0 up to 22) with 14, (27), 28, 128 driving steps (MTSII only 14).

Loco toolbar with about up to 60 locomotives.

Loco windows to use at same time: 16 (at MTSII max. 8).

Up to 28 functions for the locomotives (MTSII max. 8) with function pictures and status.

Loco pictures and  loco speeds are displayed at loco toolbar also.

Switch routes: 512 with up to 256 elements each, easy to define.

 Programming: Decoder programming routines for Massoth DiMAX, Lenz Digital plus or MTSII (with 55045).

Programming Massoth Feedback Modules 280R with Massoth DiMAX or MTSII (with 55045).

Programming of Massoth Switch Decoder 530S/540S and for other (switch) decoders (CVs up to 255)     

Programming of Massoth ITC/IR components  and pulsed smokers

Programming for MTSII by 55045 with several routines for loco-, functions- and switch-decoders.


Automatic: Optionally automatic control (by contact- or schedule-control).

At schedule-control: up to 9 parallel running schedules, each with up to 3000 lines.   

Schedule editor with import function for MTSII schedule data.

Up to 20.000 squares for single elements (width/height up to 150 squares).

Background color can be defined as you wanted for processing mode and Graphic grid can be cut out for processing mode.

New and more symbol types, e.g. also for digital turntables.

Full integration  of up to 2 digital turntables (based on Märklin/Littfinski-Turntable Decoder).   

Special signs as lines, arrows, rectangles, circle in different size and colors.

Import functions for STW2001 files (*.stw) and MTSII files (*.lgb)

Measuring of loco model speed with an own measuring distance line.

New documentation included as PDF-files.  

Also usable as Demo-version (control with up to 2 locomotives and 4 magnetic articles).  

Decoder programming is not possible in reality with the Demo version.

STELLWERK easy version 10.0 (Ste-PC)

Program Information

 Look to example Ste-PC track layout

Here:    Download English Full version of “Stellwerk easy version 10.0”